Maillefer Cuisines & Bains

Maillefer Cuisines & Bains is a French company specialised in kitchen and bathroom design.

I’ve designed the logo and branding, as well as web assets


BeOlea is a wellness brand specialised in CBD oils and skincare.

I’ve designed their logo, branding and packaging. I’ve also been involved in designing a website and creating social media assets.

I’ve also been involved in photoshoot to make sure the imagery for the brand was in line with the brand guidelines.

Alizée Décoration

Alizée Décoration is a French company specialised in interior design and decor.

I’ve creating a logo and business cards


EthicaCBD is a uk based company devoted to your everyday well-being offering the highest quality CBD. They offer products such as CBD oils, CBD topicals or CBD skincare, all for a better living.

I’ve been involved on a regular basis with their packaging, especially as they are expanding to France. I’ve helped with translating adapting the content for the French website and packaging.

I’ve been creating packaging, print materials (brochure, leaflets), event materials (banners, flyers, cards), creating ad for various magazine or web assets for both UK and French entities.

I am also helping on the French website, updating the content and making sure the translation is accurate.

Kangourou Kit

Kangourou Kit is a French charity who helps pregnant women in Congo (Africa) by offering them pregnancy kits with all the necessities to give birth safely.

I am volunteering for Kangourou Kit. Working for good is so important to me! I’ve chosen to work for free and support this charity with social media content, web design, branding and video editing.

This cause is also close to my heart, as I am a mum of two little one and I feel so lucky to have given birth safely without risking my own life.

Kao Group

KAO is an international group developing brands in the beauty industry with the idea of supporting enriched lifestyles in harmony with nature.

I have been collaborating with KAO in the UK, in France and in the United States, supporting their design needs for the following brands: John Frieda, Curél, Bioré, Jergens.

I am providing web assets (web banners, amazon content), social media assets, packaging explore, video editing, print design (flyers, packaging).